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Bridal Make-Up Tips

BRIDAL MAKE-UP: 1. Reach on time. There will be other brides there too. Don’t delay if you want the best service.

2. You’ve already discussed your look with the make-up artist. So on this day, don’t bother her at every step. Sit back and relax.

3. The salon may be crowded, so to take care of belongings.

4. Keep your phone on silent mode. Avoid taking calls when the make-up is being done.

5. Remember to wear any heavy necklaces and earrings before your hair-do is done.

6. Ask your escort to wait at the reception. Crowding around the make-up artist and commenting on her work will put her off.

7. Use a long-lasting lipstick. Apply the colour once at the beginning of the ceremony, and re-moisturise a couple of times to keep your lips luscious and picture-perfect.

8. Employ a spot-checker. Your sister or best friend will do. Ask them to keep an eye on you and let you know if you need a touch-up. They might also do you the favour of carrying the lipstick you’re wearing in their purse for easy access.

9. Stash back-ups. Stake out the bathrooms or changing facility at the venue. Place an emergency kit, including powder to beat down shiny noses, a hairbrush, hairspray, lipstick, a small perfume and safety pins… Do carry a good deodorant or perfume with you.


We believe that wedding or event is a celebration where you have only two options: relax or work. We take the responsibility and handle the second one.


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